What You’ll Find Here

On the pages and posts in this site, you’ll find just about everything you need to live both well, and sustainably. Whatever your interests are, from setting up your own FabLab and having a large, and growing stable of useful products you can build from the day you get set up, to greenhouse plans, high-yield, small footprint farming and gardening techniques, basic survival information, and more.

In the early days, I’ll be managing and curating this site on my own, but ultimately, this function will be handed off to a Network Member interested in an ongoing, Gc-earning Quest. If you’re into archival work, and building what I hope will become (in time) the largest repository of good, actionable intelligence on the web, send me a private message and let’s talk.

In the meanwhile, feel free to explore.

Note that many of the materials you’ll find here are source and research materials for a variety of Quests.